domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

New House. New Classrooms. Life @ LLI is Good!!!

Within the past month, LLI has made an exciting change. We've moved volunteer houses and classrooms (in zone D). Check out the pictures below to get a taste of the NEW LLI spaces!!!

Our art and dance students with volunteers!

Chess in Zone D. The first tournament is October 10th. Good luck kids!

Art class!

Our volunteer team plus Dina (LLI cook) and Gonzalo (LLI daytime security) on October 2nd, however we were missing Sarah Renkert, LLI House Manager :(

Pictures of the LLI House...!

View from outside the house! Beautiful yellow :)

Patio-- great for relaxing.

New dining room arrangement. So great!

Big and bright kitchen!

One of three volunteer rooms!

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