lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

Chess Tournament!!!

Yesterday, on October 10th, Light and Leadership held its first chess tournament!! Kids participated from both our Zone Z and our Zone D programs. Thanks to all the kids who participated and congrats to Jhordy, our Chess Champion! Look for another one in December :)

It was soo quiet! Students were extremely focused and concentrated. Our LLI competitors have been learning and practicing since August 2010.

The final two: Jhordy (left) and Herecka (right). Jhordy came out victorious! Both top players received chess boards to play at home!

Each participant received a certificate of participation. Students from Zone Z are pictured above.

Special thanks to Christine Garcia (LLI's in-house chess expert/teacher) and Franzi Weil for coordinating the event. Also thanks to Christel Herben for always helping out with Chess :) Great job!

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