lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Incan Ruins Never Get Old.

...Even If They Are Ancient.

This past Saturday, LLI students from Zone Z, I, and S, took a field trip to check out the Puruchuco Incan ruins in Ate. Complete with lunch, a tour of the museum and Incan ruins, and an art workshop, the kids spent the day learning and having fun.

The group outside of the Puruchuco museum, showing off their art projects.

In the museum.

After the tour of the ruins, the art workshop begins... who knew that plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, and buttons could go oh so far?

Susan, drawing the face.

On the ride home... so happy!

Special thanks to the Puruchuco staff for having us, as well as Franzi Weil, Sarah Renkert and Tara Cato for being excellent Light and Leadership volunteers. :)

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