miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

School Supplies Galore!

Yesterday, 10 well-deserving kids received their awesome prizes for winning LLI's first ever Summer Reading Program contest!

It was a school supply (controlled) frenzy! Every winner received a back pack, two very cool graphic picture notebooks, an eraser, pencils, scissors, glue, pencil case, color pencils, markers, and two folders. And that's not all...

Then kids could choose from an assortment of items, labeled from 1 - 5 points, and were allowed to "spend" up to 10 points. Among these awesome items were packages of paints, gel pens, white out markers, books, t-shirts, stickers, stencils, "fancy" scissors, crayons, and giant erasers.

Check out some of the winners below:

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

LLI Kids Are Winners!

This week, we're announcing some very special kids winning some very special awards!!

On Saturday, we announced the winners of the Summer Reading Program Contest. TEN winners altogether will receive a shopping spree in "LLI's store" of school supplies, helping them (and their parents) get ready for the new school year beginning in March. Awesome. Stay tuned for photos-- prizes will be awarded on Tuesday.

Additionally on Saturday, we celebrated our Chess Tournament winners (pictured to the right)! We had 15 kids (plus one sub-volunteer, thanks Camille) come from three different zones to participate in the tournament. Congrats to our winners and we hope you're enjoying your well deserved prizes :)

And the winners are...

Summer Reading Program:
(10-13 years)
1st Place: Gabriela (Zone D)
2nd Place: Alessa (Zone D)
3rd Place: Rebecca (Zone D)

(6-9 years)
1st Place: Alexandra (Zone D)
2nd Place: Betsabe (Zone D)
3rd Place: Josue and Maycol (tie, Zone D)

(Raffle winners, those who earned at least 10 points)
Fiorella (Zone D)
Adrian (Zone D)
Eduardo (Zone Z, 232)

Chess Tournament:

1st Place: Jefferson (Zone Z, Los Alamos; pictured to the right with his "PC Trainer" - top prize)
2nd Place: Deysi (Zone D), Gabriel (Zone S), and Franki (Zone S)

Congrats to all the kids! We are so proud!

Stay tuned for prize photos for the Summer Reading Program! We'll be giving out School Supplies to the winners on Tuesday!

Published by Lara DeVries on behalf of Light and Leadership. Special thanks to volunteer Hanna-Leena for managing the summer reading program and to Mariel Feigen for being an amazing chess instructor (and house manager) :)

Who Doesn't Love a Good Compost???

This past Tuesday, Light and Leadership, with the invaluable help of Lic. Gina Marita Tito Tolentino, Professor of Environmental Enginnering at la Universidad Peruana Union, led a composting workshop for our women's group in Zone Z. We learned patience isn't only something to be used with kids...also apparently for composting, as it takes 3-6 months to get good composting going! Despite the wait, our women's group was delightfully enthused. Taking notes, asking questions... it was great to see!

Published by Lara DeVries on behalf of Light and Leadership. Special thanks to Professor Gina and Chelsea Mahan for all their work and coordination. Gracias!

jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

Red Suckers Go Well With Books...

We were treated to yummy, bright red suckers last week after our summer reading program session. So, like responsible adults, we encouraged the kids to stick their tongues out. Made for a great photo :) Happy February!

Published by Lara DeVries on behalf of the Light and Leadership Initiative. Special thanks to Louella DeVries for the yummy, bright red suckers.