jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Volunteer and Intern with Light and Leadership in 2011!

In 2011, Light and Leadership has plenty of long term volunteer and internship opportunities! Teach English and more in Peru!

Please see our availabilities and needs below:
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • March 1st - June 12: One English teacher (also can help out with chess, art, dance and more)
  • March 1st-July 24: Long term opportunities in Art, Chess, Physical Education, Dance, English, and French
  • August 1st- December 18: Long term opportunities in Art, Chess, Physical Education, Computation/Computers, Dance, English, and French
Internship Opportunities:
  • Program Development Internship, June 15-December 18
  • English Education Internship, August 1st-December 18
  • French Education Internship, August 1st-December 18
Become a part of our team and bring change to Huaycan!

Interested?? Please see http://www.lightandleadership.org/ for more information and fill out our Volunteer Application.

domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Wild Animals = Wildly Successful Field Trip!

On Saturday, October 23rd, our Zone D participants (ages 10-13 from English, Chess, and French classes) went wild over the Huachipa Zoo exhibits. Light and Leadership took 17 eager kids on a tour of the zoo. Our happy kids saw lions, tigers and... anacondas! We ended the day with a excellent workshop on Biodiversity, where kids learned the importance of taking care of the environment. Thanks Huachipa Zoo!

Check out the photos below... we might be heading back soon as well with another group of kids, so stay tuned!

The whole group!

Checking out the Giraffe and Ostrich Exhibit. Andy and Axel approve.

Whoa Anaconda! While the kids looked on in amazement, most of the volunteers were remembering the awesomely bad 90's movie "Anaconda" with Jennifer Lopez and Ice-Cube. Sweet.

Biodiversity workshop. Fabulous!

Fiorella, Yahaira, and Nicol pumped and ready to water the plants in the Huachipa garden after the workshop.

Once again, special thanks to our volunteers Franzi Weil (trip coordinator), Christine Garcia (English and Chess teacher), Adam Hettler (dedicated commuter volunteer (and friend Tania!)) and Sarah Renkert (all around fantastic House Manager) for this wildly successful trip.

Published by Lara DeVries, photos from LLI and Sarah Renkert.. Volunteer with Light and Leadership (www.lightandleadership.org)!

lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Incan Ruins Never Get Old.

...Even If They Are Ancient.

This past Saturday, LLI students from Zone Z, I, and S, took a field trip to check out the Puruchuco Incan ruins in Ate. Complete with lunch, a tour of the museum and Incan ruins, and an art workshop, the kids spent the day learning and having fun.

The group outside of the Puruchuco museum, showing off their art projects.

In the museum.

After the tour of the ruins, the art workshop begins... who knew that plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls, and buttons could go oh so far?

Susan, drawing the face.

On the ride home... so happy!

Special thanks to the Puruchuco staff for having us, as well as Franzi Weil, Sarah Renkert and Tara Cato for being excellent Light and Leadership volunteers. :)


lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

Chess Tournament!!!

Yesterday, on October 10th, Light and Leadership held its first chess tournament!! Kids participated from both our Zone Z and our Zone D programs. Thanks to all the kids who participated and congrats to Jhordy, our Chess Champion! Look for another one in December :)

It was soo quiet! Students were extremely focused and concentrated. Our LLI competitors have been learning and practicing since August 2010.

The final two: Jhordy (left) and Herecka (right). Jhordy came out victorious! Both top players received chess boards to play at home!

Each participant received a certificate of participation. Students from Zone Z are pictured above.

Special thanks to Christine Garcia (LLI's in-house chess expert/teacher) and Franzi Weil for coordinating the event. Also thanks to Christel Herben for always helping out with Chess :) Great job!

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

New House. New Classrooms. Life @ LLI is Good!!!

Within the past month, LLI has made an exciting change. We've moved volunteer houses and classrooms (in zone D). Check out the pictures below to get a taste of the NEW LLI spaces!!!

Our art and dance students with volunteers!

Chess in Zone D. The first tournament is October 10th. Good luck kids!

Art class!

Our volunteer team plus Dina (LLI cook) and Gonzalo (LLI daytime security) on October 2nd, however we were missing Sarah Renkert, LLI House Manager :(

Pictures of the LLI House...!

View from outside the house! Beautiful yellow :)

Patio-- great for relaxing.

New dining room arrangement. So great!

Big and bright kitchen!

One of three volunteer rooms!