lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Salta, Salta! LLI's First Ever Jump Rope Contest

Light and Leadership held its first jump rope contest this past Saturday, October 30th. Twenty-one kids came out to participate in four different categories: Speed (how many jumps in one minute), Accuracy (how many jumps before making a mistake), performance (one minute to impress the judges!), and a group jump. Kids came from all over-- Zones Z, D, and I all participated!

Check out the photos below to see the day's activities and the four winners!

Yoshiro, jumping towards victory.

Anabella-- focused. With giggles.

Nicol, mid-action.

Yordy, giving his best "performance" in front of the judges and crowd.

Group jump!

Rafael... happily showing off his Certificate of Participation. Good job, amigo.

The winners! Yoshiro (speed), Axel (group jump), Jorge (performance) and Nayely (accuracy). Excellent job, kids! We are so proud :)

As always, special thanks to our volunteers: Franzi Weil, Adam Hettler, Melissa Fulton, Christine Garcia, Tara Cato, and Sarah Renkert for making this a great success!

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