sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

It's Something Incredible.

It's big. It's beautiful. It's LLI's new classroom in Zone Z!

Last week, thanks to specially raised funds, LLI purchased a new and much needed classroom space for our English, Art, and Phys. Ed classes in Zone Z of Huaycan. Last Friday, the Board of Directors for Zone Z threw us an inauguration party. After working in Zone Z for more than 18 months, I've come to know this Board quite well. They've offered support to us just as we (LLI) has offered it to them.

Last Friday was something incredible. I love that after a year and a half, I still get that "warm, tingly feeling" after listening to community members thank Light and Leadership for our dedication to their community, specifically to their kids. Their gratefulness is so sincere. Elena, our community contact in Zone Z, told me later, "Lara, I am so happy. Light and Leadership has made this possible and I am so happy."

In addition to being a classroom space for LLI, the Board of Directors of Zone Z will be able to hold meetings in the building. Previously, they had met in the street (the building before was too small for community meetings).

Special thanks to Maura Cato, mother of current LLI's volunteer Tara Cato, for holding an "afternoon tea" fundraiser in Australia to support the purchase of this building. LLI's support is growing internationally, THANKS!

View of the outside of the building.

Volunteers Christine and Franzi with Zone Z Board Members at the Inauguration

Some of the Zone Z Board Members and Lara DeVries in front of the previous building.

Published by Lara DeVries, Light and Leadership Initiative. Photos provided by Lara DeVries and Sarah Renkert. Visit www.lightandleadership.org for more information.

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