sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

Road (un)Safety

Traffic in Peru is crazy, everybody does their own thing and for a foreigner first coming here there seems to be no logic (I still doubt whether there actually is). In Huaycan, however, everything remained quite calm until a couple of weeks ago… That was the time when the traffic lights on the main junction stopped working. Our luck, of course, is that we have to cross that street a couple of times per day!

Sara already had an amazing near-death experience. We were heading back home from ‘Quince’ and had to cross the street. Lara and I started running and safely reached the other side. It’s only then we realized that we were missing Sara. When we looked for her she was still on the other side of the road patiently waiting for a good moment to cross. Exactly at the moment she thought it was safe, traffic started coming in from all sides. This ended up in a big mess with her standing in the middle of the road looking terrified and almost being run over by moto-taxi’s and combi’s. Every time she intended to start walking again she immediately changed her mind as she was almost run over by a next car. In the meantime, Lara and I were laughing hysterically and everybody else was looking at us as if we were crazy. Luckily, in the end Sara managed to cross the street without being injured and also Lara and I calmed down.

-- Nadja Franssen, Light and Leadership Volunteer

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