jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

3rd Anniversary: Recap!!!

On June 10th, LLI volunteers, students, parents, and friends came out to celebrate LLI's 3rd Anniversary. Three years have gone by so fast-- thank you to those of you who have supported us so generously over the past years. We greatly appreciate your support, it makes all of this possible!

All of our LLI students and their siblings were invited to join us during the activities time. Students enjoyed the ever favorite face painting, musical chairs, hot potato, pin the tail on the donkey, and more! After completing the activities, participants received a Hope Pack (filled with school supplies pictured to the right; special thanks to Elim Christian Services and Faith CRC in Elmhurst, IL for providing the Hope Packs)

Following the activities, our students participated in our annual Vocabulary Bee. Our kids had been studying their English vocab lists for several weeks! Congratulations to our SEVEN winners: Fiorella, Josue, Eduardo, Jefferson, Aracelli, David, and Camila! All Vocab Bee participants received t-shirts (pictured below): I ♥ Luz y Liderazgo (Light and Leadership in Spanish).

Vocabulary Bee winners are receiving their grand prize (a brand new bike!) on Sunday!

Check out the photos below from the day!

Yanela, one of our many 3-year students, shows off her new t-shirt :)

Jarumi, so cute.

 One of our many amazing families!!

Nayely--growing up so fast!

 A little Limbo...

 Fiorella with a Hope Pack

Face Paints: Always a Favorite. Thanks Allison and others for lending your talents...!

Zone Z 232 kids showed us what Peruvian dancing is all about...!

 Fiorella: A big winner that day :)

Volunteer Michael DeVries helps out at the Art Expo

About half of our volunteer team that day. Thanks to everyone who came out to help!

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