miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

School Supplies Galore!

Yesterday, 10 well-deserving kids received their awesome prizes for winning LLI's first ever Summer Reading Program contest!

It was a school supply (controlled) frenzy! Every winner received a back pack, two very cool graphic picture notebooks, an eraser, pencils, scissors, glue, pencil case, color pencils, markers, and two folders. And that's not all...

Then kids could choose from an assortment of items, labeled from 1 - 5 points, and were allowed to "spend" up to 10 points. Among these awesome items were packages of paints, gel pens, white out markers, books, t-shirts, stickers, stencils, "fancy" scissors, crayons, and giant erasers.

Check out some of the winners below:

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