lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Reading Success!!!

We're celebrating our first week of our Summer Reading Program at LLI's main classroom in Zone D, Huaycan. We've received an ASTOUNDING number of kids in the program, which offers library hours four times a week. Kids anxiously wait outside of the classroom waiting for the program to open up.

It's been SO good, we've had to cap the number of kids that can enter during the scheduled hours. Reading time is given as an hour and a half, with an additional time to write up book summaries or listen to stories read aloud in English and Spanish.

Thank you to ALL of those who generously gave books. You've made this possible!!!

Published by Lara DeVries on behalf of Light and Leadership. Special thanks to Hanna-Leena for all the hard work in coordinating the program, and the additional LLI volunteers for pitching in. :)

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