lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

¡Viva la Biblioteca!

Light and Leadership is happy to announce a Summer Reading Program to begin in January 2012!

Here are the details:

The program will run for two months (January 9th - February 25th) and will be open to LLI participants ages 6-13 in ALL areas of Huaycan. Kids are invited to join us in our LLI library up to three times a week for a few hours per session. Participants will earn points for the amount of time they spend reading (double points for English) and extra points for writing up book reports. ¡Viva la biblioteca! :)

Ready to help us out?! Good, we were hoping so. In order to provide an awesome library for kids to get EXCITED about reading, we need some pretty awesome books. This is what we are in need of most:
  • English books appropriate for age levels of 11-13 year olds (easy chapter books)
  • Spanish books appropriate for age levels 6-13 year olds
Need some ideas? Be sure to check out they seem to have an expansive collection of Spanish (and of course English) books for kids. Have it shipped right to Tinley Park, IL (USA)! Email for the exact address.

Like books, but want to do more?! The PRIZE for our top readers is a school supply SHOPPING SPREE!!! We need your help-- sponsor a child's shopping spree! Contact for more info.

After all this-- why are we doing a reading program? 1) We want to keep kids engaged in our programs even in the summer 2) Kids have little access to a wide range of books 3) Schools often don't have the resources to offer a consistent selection of books as part of the curriculum (very few libraries are found in schools). So... this is a great direction for LLI. Get involved!!!

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