miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Puppet Crazy!!!

LLI goes crazy. For puppets :)

On Tuesday, LLI's resident Art guru, Meghan Resler, teamed with returning volunteer Whitney Reynolds (Happy Birthday today!) to offer an art workshop in Zone Z. The outcome: absolute success.

Kids went crazy for the puppets and showed true creativity and enthusiasm for the project. This workshop was only stage one-- Meghan and Whitney will meet with the kids in two weeks to put together a puppet show. We're sure their parents will be delighted by their kids' creativity as they watch the show...! Stay tuned for videos and pictures of that performance.

Want to be part of the art fun? We are looking for Art Volunteers (short or long term) beginning in March 2012. Sign up to volunteer online at www.lightandleadership.org!

Be sure to check out more photos below of the awesome art workshop! (Thalia pictured above)

Willie shows us puppets are cool :)

Kennedy and his new friend

Our older students got involved too. Here's David with his puppet "Cincuenta Cent"--50 cent. We always like a good laugh :)

Joel, we loved this one!

Published on behalf of Light and Leadership by Lara DeVries. Special thanks to Meghan Resler for the photos and being the art ringleader. Thanks to Whitney and Mariel too :)

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  1. Great pictures, even better the project! I'm looking forward to hearing about how the puppet show goes. Muy bien hecho, LLI! -Stephanie Willard Worrell