sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

Woodburning: Check.

This past Tuesday, volunteer Art teacher Gladys Pasapera held a Woodburning workshop with our women's group. Fourteen women picked up a new artisan skill and a few of them discovered they are quite good at it... which got us thinking about a new chapter in our Artisan Project. Stay tuned for more details.

This workshop was something new for our women's group. Light and Leadership is now incorporating different types of educational workshops into our monthly or bimonthly meetings, including art. It was an absolute success! Art is a great way for women to come together, learn something new, and form stronger bonds with each other and with our volunteers. We'll be doing a Woodburning, Part II workshop sometime in late August, so look out for more details then.

Check out a few photos below from the workshop:

Volunteer Ellie Hargadon Lowe, who also coordinated the workshop, with Irene and her woodburning design.

Lara DeVries and Gladys Pasapera with long time participant Marina and her son.

Published on behalf of Light and Leadership by Lara DeVries. Special thanks to Sarah Renkert and Ellie Hargadon Lowe for workshop coordination and the photos, plus thanks to Gladys Pasapera for her time and talent! Great job ladies :)

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