viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Starting 2011 off right!

Light and Leadership is having a really busy, but great, January!

January 10th kicked off our new year of programs. English, French, chess, math, physical education, art, computer and dance classes were full swing last week across Zone D, Z, I, and S. These programs will run until the end of our summer term, February 25th.

We've opened up a few new locations for classes:
  • Zone Z UCV 231 previously only had been offered English for adolescents 14 years and up. This year, we've began working with 6-13 year olds as well! Twice a week, kids now are offered an hour English lesson and a half hour of physical education. In addition, our chess program was opened up to 10 years and up!
  • Zone Z UCV 232 gladly welcomed chess classes! Every Thursday, 6 kids wait to call "jaque mate" or "check mate" and celebrate their victory. Stay tuned for Chess tournament results early next month.
  • In Zone D, Sarah Renkert, LLI's house manager, began offering basic keyboarding classes to 12 women (3 different sections of classes) to much success! Stay tuned for WPM updates :)
In addition, LLI hosted Trinity Christian College's Interim group's Day Camp! For five days, 14 Light and Leadership kids participated in educational workshops involving Environmental, Artistic, and Linguistic themes! Excellent job Trinity :) Check out more pictures on their blog here. Special thanks to Katty Allcca Rojas, LLI student and volunteer, for helping out with the Day Camp. Couldn't have done it without you!

Look out next week for another update, as LLI has been quite busy this month and we show no signs of slowing down! For now, enjoy the photos below!

Chess in Zone D (also in Zone Z 231, 232!)

Monica and Mao in Zone D after the TCC Interim Day Camp

Dinner with all friends and volunteers of LLI. Thanks Louella!

Published by Lara DeVries, on behalf of the Light and Leadership Initiative. Special thanks to Louella DeVries and Amy Ravenhorst for the photos. Please visit for more information on how to get involved in LLI's programs!

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