domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

Meet Nicol...

When you see Nicol playing on the playground and running around with the other kids you wouldn’t notice any difference. She loves playing volleyball and with dolls and HATES playing soccer. However, after about two minutes of watching her in a classroom you will see that she is someone very special. Nicol showed her intelligence very soon after I started teaching her. After only one lesson she would memorize and remember every word we learned. To say she is intelligent would be an understatement. On the last three tests I gave she received 100%. She knows the answer to every single question I ask in class. If my students do not know an answer they look to Nicol to help them. Just today she surprised me by forming a perfect sentence with a word I had never taught her. It has been incredible teaching her for the past 10 months and seeing all that she has learned and retained. She is always hungry to learn more. She completes each worksheet given to her in record time and then runs up to me asking for more questions. It is amazing for me to think of what she can achieve in just one or two years more in the Light and Leadership Program.
--Amy Ravenhorst, LLI Volunteer

Check out the video below of Nicol, reading her (extra) homework:

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